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ByDrew Capuder

Drew Capuder will be speaking at upcoming West Virginia Employment Lawyers Association conference

I look forward to speaking at the West Virginia Employment Lawyers Association‘s annual conference on October 12 and 13, 2018, at Hawk’s Nest State Park in Ansted, West Virginia.

I will be speaking and presenting an article on the Harless wrongful discharge doctrine, which deals with termination of employees where the employer’s motivation allegedly violates a substantial public policy.

I will also be presenting an article and participating in a panel discussion on social networking & electronic discovery issues.

Here is information on the conference, joining the WVELA, and attending the conference.

Drew Capuder

ByDrew Capuder

Web site remodeling

We have remodeled our firm’s web site with “responsive design”, so that it will display properly on tablets, phones, and good old-fashioned desktops. We now have all of the web pages functional with the new responsive design, and will be gradually refining the pages and system in coming weeks.

At the top of our home page are handy buttons for calling and emailing us, and for getting directions to our office. If you want to keep our web site handy on your phone or tablet, you can save a link to our site on your home screen. Here are instructions:

  • On apple devices: From the Safari browser (this will not work on other browsers), open our web site’s main page ( Then tap the share button (a square with an upward pointing arrow) located at the bottom of the browser screen. Then on the options that open from the bottom of the screen, chose “Add to Home Screen”. Then you can customize the text that will appear below the home screen icon, and you can type “CF” or “Capuder Fantasia”. Then tap “Add” in the upper right corner, and that will create an icon to our web site on your home screen.
  • On Android devices:  From the Chrome browser (this will not work on other browsers), open our web site’s home page. Then tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser window, then chose “Add to Home Screen”. In the window that opens, type either “CF” or “Capuder Fantasia” for the text that will be inserted under the icon to be placed on your home screen, and then tap “Add”. That will create an icon to our web site on your home screen.

Feel free to comment in the comments section below, We would appreciate any feedback you may have.

ByDrew Capuder

Drew Capuder Spoke at Sterling Employment Law Seminar

On March 29, 2017, Mr. Capuder spoke and presented an article on “The Perilous Intersection of FMLA and ADA,” at a seminar hosted by Sterling Education Services. The Seminar, “Employment Law: Rights, Benefits, and Emerging Issues,” which took place in Morgantown, West Virginia. If you would like more information on the seminar, click here.

Here is the agenda for Mr. Capuder’s speech and article:

  1. FMLA updates
  2. ADA updates and EEOC guidelines
    1. Expansion of what can be considered a “disability”
    2. What constitutes “reasonable accommodation” according to the EEOC
    3. Discrimination and violations
    4. Review and update written policies and job descriptions
  3. Overlap of FMLA and ADA: finding the right balance
ByDrew Capuder

Drew Capuder Speaks on Employment Law at WVU

On January 25, 2017, Drew Capuder spoke at an event hosted by the Labor Law Society at West Virginia University’s College of Law.  The event was a panel discussion with members of the West Virginia Employment Lawyers Association. The speakers were be Mr. Capuder, Walt Auvil, Susan Thompson, and Professor Anne Lofaso.

During the panel discussion, there were questions by the law students on topics such as union issues, federal versus state court litigation employment discrimination, and the impact that President Trump will have on unions and other areas of employment law.

ByDrew Capuder

We moved our offices to larger space in the same building

We’ve moved our offices to larger space in the same building. Our new suite number is 101 (still at 1543 Fairmont Avenue). Drop by to say hello! Come in through the rear entrance to our building and we are the first door on the left.

ByDrew Capuder

New listing on

We are pleased to be listed as mediators on the web site devoted exclusively to mediation and alternative dispute resolution: See the listings for Drew Capuder and Gina Fantasia.

ByDrew Capuder

Drew Capuder Speaks at West Virginia Employment Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference

Drew Capuder spoke and presented an article on the topic “Rules of the Road in Employment Litigation”, at the Annual Conference of the West Virginia Employment Lawyers Association, on October 7, 2016 in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The setting for the Conference was the Bavarian Inn.