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Employment law, Capuder Fantasia PLLC

Our lawyers have extensive experience on employment matters in the litigation, consulting, business, teaching, and writing worlds.

Drew Capuder’s 30 years of legal experience, in both West Virginia and Texas, and in both State and Federal Courts, provide extensive experience for helping you in your legal needs. Mr. Capuder is also former President of the West Virginia Employment Lawyers Association.

Mr. Capuder is the author of Drew Capuder’s Employment Law Blog and writes about employment law on Twitter. Mr. Capuder has spoken and written extensively on a broad range of employment law topics (see the list of topics on Mr. Capuder’s biography page under “Speeches and Articles”), and has been interviewed on both television and radio on a broad range of  employment law topics (see the list of appearances on Mr. Capuder’s biography page under “Television and Radio Appearances”, and see our page on Mr. Capuder’s television interview about the WVU-Rodriguez litigation).

Gina Fantasia, in addition to advising clients on employment issues during her 29-year legal career, has expertise from both her management and teaching experience. Ms. Fantasia was Manager of Employment at Hermann Hospital in Houston, which was a 900-bed hospital with 3,000 employees. Ms. Fantasia was responsible for staffing all positions, and managed a staff of eight. Ms. Fantasia is also an Assistant Professor teaching human resources and other classes at Fairmont State University. She is also Associate Dean in the School of Business.

Among the services we provide:

  • Advising employers on difficult employment situations, with a focus on resolving them in a manner which avoids litigation.
  • Evaluating situations for possible litigation.
  • Handling employment-related litigation for both employers and employees.
  • Drafting employment policies, handbooks, and agreements (including policies that focus on sexual harassment, complaint procedures, investigation procedures, drug policies, and progressive discipline policies).
  • Auditing employment practices and documents for employers to assess risks, compliance, and possible changes.
  • Reviewing severance packages and other types of agreements, including confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements.

We handle employment litigation in a broad range of settings, including:

  • Age discrimination in the workplace.
  • Breach of contract in workplace settings.
  • Defamation of character (libel and slander).
  • Disability discrimination in the workplace.
  • Medical industry employment disputes (representing doctors, nurses, and other health care providers).
  • Race discrimination in the workplace.
  • Religious discrimination in the workplace.
  • Sex discrimination in the workplace (including sexual harassment).
  • “Whistle blower” litigation, involving complaints by employees of alleged violations of law.
  • Workers’ compensation retaliation and discrimination.

Mr. Capuder and Ms. Fantasia serve clients in Fairmont (and Marion County), Clarksburg (and Harrison County), Morgantown (and Monongalia County), Parkersburg (and Wood County), Charleston (and Kanawha County), Wheeling (and Ohio County), and numerous other cities in West Virginia.