Business Law and Litigation

Business Law and Litigation

Business law and litigation, Capuder Fantasia PLLC

Both Drew Capuder and Gina Fantasia have experience in a broad range of business litigation and consulting, spanning most of their combined total years of practice of nearly 60 years.

Ms. Fantasia has represented banks, hospitals, insurance companies, and a broad range of other large & small businesses.

Mr. Capuder has represented large and small businesses, real estate companies, banks, savings and loans, accounting firms, and the federal government (including the FDIC). In Houston, Texas, Mr. Capuder spent several years handling frequently complex commercial litigation at Nathan, Wood & Sommers (now Nathan Sommers Jacobs).

We provide the following services to business:

  • Advising businesses on how to resolve disputes without litigation
  • Advising business on problems with employees
  • Auditing business’s employment practices for compliance with applicable law
  • Drafting a broad range of business documents, especially employee policies¬†employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete¬†agreements
  • Representing businesses in litigation
  • Collecting unpaid debts for businesses